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28 May 2020
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Thursday 28 MAY

Marija Lazić (aka Majka Mara) is a young jazz pianist from Serbia, who has been professionally involved in music for more than 10 years.

In parallel with her piano studies on Faculty of music in Belgrade, Marija also graduated from the jazz department. She had the opportunity to perform in large halls and perform piano recitals in concert halls, with chamber ensembles, band as well as with an orchestra.

Some of the most important are performances at the Belgrade Jazz Festival, Guitar Art Festival, performance with the Radio Television of Serbia, but also foreign performances such as performances at Carnegie Hall in New York. She released her first single “Breathe Deeply” (Diši duboko) in 2018, and only 10 days ago a new video for the song “You are not here” (Nisi tu).

Friday 29 MAY

Rewşan is a singer, songwriter, violinist and composer from İstanbul Turkey.  She was educated in music, psychology and theater. She grew up in Mesopotamia with rich Kurdish and Armenian music. 
Her latest album Tov (The Seed) , designed by combining traditional and modern instruments, is a work that can be defined in the category of ‘world music’ on the axis of ‘progressive folk music’. With its distinctive, colorful and universal style, Rewşan takes the listeners on a poetic journey to their own memory without boundaries. 
The musicians who will accompany her at the concert; Taylan Öner (guitar), Hakan Gürbüz (bass),Erkal Öztürk (drum), İsmail Altunbaş (percussion)

SATurday 30 MAY

Cellist Pavlos Carvalho plays an evening dedicated to the cathartic and uplifting music of Bach. One moment searching and meditative, the next jigging like an Irish reel, then moments that even bring us to rock music, these are pieces that reach out across the centuries and over borders, influencing classical, folk, jazz and pop musicians to this very day. We are all touched by the profound music of Bach. It is music that can be loved in it’s pure sounding simplicity by a young child, as well as always revealing fresh, fantastical treasures for the most seasoned musician.

Starting the concert with suite no. 3 in C major, Pavlos will then be joined by his family to take a side step from Bach for a moment and play a few other short pieces, before going back to the epic, brooding 5th suite in C minor.

All profit from ticket sales will go to the Green Note venue, who have supported and continue to support so many musicians at any stage of their career. They have always taken the risk to support new upcoming musicians and have been at the very heart and beginning of projects such as the Rebetiko Carnival festival and Charity.

Sunday 31 MAY

Barış Güney is a virtuoso bağlama player from turkey. After graduating from Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory of Turkish Music, he released his debut album in 2003. He worked with world-renowned bağlama masters Arif Sağ and Erdal Erzincan on various albums and concerts. Between 2004-2008, he worked with the “Kardeş Türküler” band that performs multicultural folk songs. 

Güney participated as the composer and the arranger in Kardeş Türküler’s Grammy nominated album “Çocuk Haklı”. He performed in concerts with the BBC World Music Award winner musician Arto Tunçboyacıyan in the USA in 2006. He released second solo album “Düşlere Yolculuk” in 2009. In 2015, Güney founded his own label “Red Music” and released his third solo album “Farımaz” in same year. He performed in various venues and festivals, with his trio including Le Guess Who? Festival and Bimhuis Amsterdam.

In this online concert hosted by Artist Lockdown he will be accompanied by Berdin Pamukçu on guitar.

BARIŞ GüNEY & Berdın pamukÇu



Wednesday 17 june

“The Alice in WonderBand duo are constantly chasing through exciting landscapes of art, creativity, ideas and projects like a rushing train… always original and inspiring.”
Marija Vitas, Magazine Etnoumlje, WMAS, Serbia
“Stunning percussion of the body. Powerful and with the enchanting energy and passion...”
Ines Wagner, Kulturvision Aktuell, Germany
Musical journey through the Balkans, guided by the duo of performers. Innovative musical arrangements of traditional songs performed with body percussion and singing represents cultural heritage in a direct, breathtaking and extraordinary way. Songs from Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Albania describe the world and culture of the Balkans, which all people from this area share not just by geography, but also emotionally and historically in this unstable region in constant changes. Marko Dinjaski (voice, body percussion) Ana Vrbaski (voice, body percussion) Visnja Obradovic (direction) Goran Vujicin, MrV production (sound design)